Book Review: Curse of the Black Heron by Holly Lisle

this is a review for the 1998 release of this book.

This was part of the Bard’s Tale series of books, based off the 90s video game.

In this tale Isbetta is an orphan who is coming up on the end of her Weaver’s apprenticeship. She is looking forward to the freedom this will give her from her foster mother.

A new ruler has taken over the country and Isbetta overhears the plans her foster mother has to sell her to a whore house. With her best friend Girard, the last surviving son of the local out of favor lord, she escapes the village and heads into the nearby mountains to escape.

Like most hero quests, this one is filled with danger, friends unknown and villains who masquerade as friends. Captured by a monster, told the only way she can escape is to sing a song at the top of the mountain, she does and the world is changed, and not for the better.

The quest to reach the only place she can get help to fix her mistake is a rich and well told one. My only beef with this book is that the end is too fast. The lead up is great but it ends suddenly in a couple of pages. With one more chapter this book would be a classic.


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