Fan Fiction review: Armageddon by criminalxxxmindsxxxfreak

This fan fiction is a crossover of Doctor Who and Criminal Minds.

Now most people would probably have passed on this combination. What with Doctor Who being classic science fiction and Criminal Minds being a crime proceedural but this talented fan fiction writer took the challenge and managed to make a very well written and intriguing multipart series out of it.

This is set during the Doctor Who episodes Utopia, The Sounds of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. Three very intense segments of the tenth doctor’s story arc. Missing in Spencer Reid, the young genius from Criminal Minds made for even more intensity and heart added to this tale.

Started Way bnack in June of 2012, this tale has taken time to grow. The last seqment uploaded with June of 2016. Thankfully I discovered it late in the writing process so I wasn’t stuck waiting for updates. There are five parts with chapters running from one to 55 depending on the part of the tale.

First thing to be said is this author has a great understanding of motivation and an understanding of just how much pain a character can be put through. If you don’t like reading about pyschological or physical tourture don’t read this but if you have the guts to read through some dark places you will find yourself quite amazed at how this was handled.

I have sent same chapter reviews to the author via the review section on but I have not been able to do a true review like I do on my website. I highly recommend you find and read this and the other fictions written by this talented writer.


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