short story review: Banshee Cries by CE Murphy from Winter Moon Anthology

A Joanne Walker short story, this tale is a great way to be introduced to the the half cherokee/half Irish heroine of the Urban Shaman series.

In this tale Joanne has returned from her mother’s death bed to work back in Seattle. Before she left she was one of the mechanics in charge of the police car pool but because she was gone longer than expected her job was filled by someone else and she is forced into being a beat cop by Captain Morrison, her boss.

she is called early in the morning to go to local park where a body has been found that is a tad strange. In checking things out she finds out that there are two more bodies hidden under the snow.

A mix of shamanism and car metaphors this novella is both interesting and different. I truly find this character one of the better characters in this genre. Paranormal fantasy instead of paranormal romance.


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