TV show review: A handmaiden’s tale

Hulu has really shown that quality tv can come out of any service. This TV take on the groundbreaking book from the 80s. Dark, gritty yet clean at the same time, this post apocalypic tale is very much a cautionary tale for the times. While what the tale is about was supposed to be a what if tale in many ways it seems to be coming true. Religion taking over the country and deciding what is and isn’t good is a scary thought for those who do not follow the current selected ‘right’.

The main character is a young woman who happens to be fertile. In this tale the population has been dropping due to a lack of healthy births. Women have been placed into categories where they have little power, wives, aunts, marthas or house servants and Handmaidens. Handmaidens are women who are fertile, so they must be controlled and they have but one purpose, they are to be sexed by the leaders of the new government and provide healthy offspring.

There is a lot to be said for this series. Between flashbacks telling us about the characters lives before the fall of the US to the stratified roles of both women and men, this cautionary tale is both scary and deep.


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