book review: Daimones

With the large range of post-apocalyptic novels out there right now you find the world ending in a bloody mess. Disasters and other nasty things that we are to read through. Most are darker than a tomb underground. Massimo has taken us through a different post-apocalyptic. The end of the world came to most of the 7 billion humans suddenly. I won’t say it was neat and clean but it was startlingly quick and odd.

This novel takes you through the days and months after the end with a family. A man, his wife and daughter somehow survive and go through their days coming to grips with what happened and finding ways to survive. Whether it is that they were in the Geneva area of not it is almost idyllic except for the lack of other survivors. When they finally make contact with a man on the still working internet and then find a young woman the story takes off.

This treatment of the end of our world, the introduction of a benevolent alien species and all it entails had me reading this book in one sitting. For the post-apocalyptic style story this was almost light and a read I think would be fine for the YA audience. Yes there is one sex scene but it is incredibly mild, touching and appropriate. A highly recommend this to those who want to read end of the world but are just not up to the blood, gore and danger of other works.


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