Movie review: Alex Cross

For a fan of the Alex Cross novels this is one hell of a movie. While a bit dated it is filled with action, suspense and of course an evil villain. Detective Cross is a family man living in Detroit at this time with his wife and two children. At the beginning of the movie we find out that he is going to be a father yet again. We are introduced to his partner, his family and of course to the villain of the piece.

A world class hitman has been brought in to take down some high level business people, why we don’t know but he is one nasty, nasty man. He tortures his first victim long after she has given up what he wanted just because he can. Next he aquaman’s his way into a high security German business office and doesn’t quite get his target. This brings Alex to his attention. Alex and his partner are assigned the case from the first murder because Alex is a profiler in all but title.

The problem with getting the attention of this assassin is that he of course has to take out anyone who has seen him. Not that the assassinating does it clean and quick like most assassins would. No he calls Alex and kills his wife while they are out to dinner. thus making our hero truly angrier.

The ending is pretty satisfying as Alex is down, hurting and when the nutjob bends over him with the syringe of his favorite paralytic Alex pulls a switchblade and stabs him, leading to an awesome fight with falls through the carved ceilings of an abandoned theatre.

I won’t tell you who the real villain is but I can honestly say that it was both expected and understandable. Alex Cross’ revenge was actually very sweet and just what needed to be done. Well worth the time to watch this film.


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