book review: Deadman’s Lament

A new voice in the western genre, Ms Jeppsen’s Deadman’s Lament is like sitting back and watching the best of the old cowboy movies. With a hero that is strong and true and a villain that would not be out of place in any genre, this story grabs you by the collar and drags you from start to finish.

She deftly handles many horrible topics with an understanding that what might be wrong in our modern sensibilities was common place for the time period. The villain of this piece could easily be dropped into a modern tale as a serial killer but he is perfect here are the leader of a band of outlaws.

She leaves nothing dangling as she concludes the tale and I know that fans of both Ms Jeppsen and of the western genre will enjoy this book for what it is, a rip roaring tale of good versus evil, right versus wrong. Buy it folks, read it and you will find you agree.


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