Fan Fiction review: What Goes Around by Joon

This is a crossover fan fiction of Torchwood and Dresden Files

A really fun idea for sure. Torchwood is of course the amazing spin off of Doctor Who, dealing with keeping the effects of aliens and alien technology from the average people of the world. Dresden Files is on of the best of the urban fantasy book series out there today, a wizard for hire in the City of Chicago. Now mix the science fiction and fantasy of these two really well known series and you could have something hard to read. Luckily for us readers this writer got it right.

Having Jack and the crew from Torchwood having to deal with finding Bob the skull from Dresden Files and of course Harry coming along to find his missing sidekick and you get an interesting story. Though that tale is actually told in the prequel of this fan fiction.

In this tale Jack realizes that he needs to help of someone outside of Torchwood who understands the mystical and the magical, something that no one in Torchwood does. After all in Torchwood when they have bought everyting from ghosts to faeries into the story arc they are aliens, not actual magical or mystical creatures. This story shows very well that a character who believes in science can and will look beyond thier preconcieved conditioned responses when they are forced to.

This thirteen chapter fiction take you up and down just like these two series are well known to do. If you are willing to read something different then try this one


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