TV show review: Chance

This original drama from Hulu is unexpected. Most of the shows I have spotted being done by Hulu tend to be teen dramas or comedies but this show is definitely aimed for a more adult audience. Starring a face we should all recognize, Hugh Laurrie. Unlike his turn as House, the brilliant doctor with the bedside manner of a slug, this time
the doctor he is playing has a soul. A very dark first episode as we come to understand the type of practice Dr Chance has and the sad lives of the patients he works with. Most of his patients are cases he looks over and recommends to the best care that each individual case needs.

He is in the middle of a divorce with what seems like a high needs artistic wife. It seems she hid a lot of her assets and just now the IRS has found out about them.
Because they filed their taxes jointly he is on the hook for her tax evasion to the tune of a quarter of million dollars.

That is just a part of this first episode. A bit slow but over the past few years the intense dramas being made by the streaming networks seem to start slow but build steadily to a surprising climax. I am hoping this will do the same as the character is a rich one and the secondary characters surrounding Dr Chance are varied and


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