tv show review: Criminal Minds

Okay what can I say about one of the longer running shows on TV? This show has an amazing cast, deals weekly with some of the most twisted minds that the world has spit out and yet manages to not get too dark. This show has had a number of spin offs that didn’t last but they keep trying.

There are a lot of characters to love and it is fun seeing how the profilers get inside the head of the mad men and women who commit serial crimes. They are not always dealing with serial killers and that is what makes this show in my opinion interesting. From episodes with serial kidnappers who sell those they kidnap either to abusers or as those to be hunted to assassins and other deep, dark and evil people this show has it all.

There has been a lot of shake up over the past few seasons in the cast but thankfully my favorite characters are still a part of the mix.


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