book review: Detour to Dusk

Now I am an avid reader of vampire stories so I started this one out of curiosity. With the flashbacks you get a lot of the back story of Ms Jeppsen’s version of the classic monster. They are a separate race from humans, older and not necessarily wiser. In this tale you have factions who know they need to turn humans to survive as a species and others who want to keep thinking of us are simply food to play with and eat.

The characters are strong and some are quite compelling. Raphael is almost the classic hero vampire that has become popular but they are not sex objects like many have become. They are fierce warriors who have a culture of their own. The half bred Raphael shows both strength, loyalty and a type of kind understanding.

While this story started a bit slow for me, like other works by this author, the end came in a rush of well written prose. You are left with a feeling of satisfaction and a bit of melancholy. A good book and recommended for the older teen and adult reader who are not looking for a sparkly vampire or a erotic one. Good solid story telling.


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