Changing the World by Mercedes Lackey

This short story has a companion in it, like Ms Lackey’s Valdemar tales but with a twist.

Set in the world we all know and live in this is actually a little bit funny. Take a reporter on he look out for a scoop about jockeys and horseracing. Have him head out into a rural place to meet up with his source, check. Now have that source turn out to be a Companion, who says he is vacationing in a Horse’s paradise, Kentucky.

With that beginning we have a different tale from a master of fiction. Dave is the reporter and he is given a tale with a lot of nods to Ms Lackey’s other series along with an interesting view on politics and history. Is it just possible that all the most important figures of the past had a Companion helping them along the way? Why not read this short story and find out?


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