Tv show review: Goliath

Amazon is coming out with a lot of amazing shows. They tend for the more serious shows so far and his is definitely a serious show.

Goliath stars Billy Bob Thorton as an almost washed up lawyer who lives in a dive, runs his business out of a bar and is offered a case that is a hell of a lot more than it seems.

Dealing with back biting, dirty companies and dirtier law firms, this very dark series is well worth the watch. As each episode goes forward more and more dirty dealing is shown.

From the young lawyer with a stutter who rises in power by sleeping with the boss to the older lesbian lawyer who does her best to throw whatever she can into the face of Thorton’s character.

While I normally really dislike legal dramas this one has dragged me in enough that I have binged on the run. Try it folks. Looks like a one season show but one that just might get a few emmys for the cast and writers.


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