tv show review: Hawaii 5-O

This review is for the newest version of the classic show from the seventies.

What is there to say about a cop show set in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Well lots. We have a very strong and diverse cast with linnear storytelling that is quite strong. We start out with an episode introducing the modern cast and we realize that is not a reboot but a continuation of the original. The Steve McGarrett in this show is the son of the original character and some of the original characters are brought in as background characters.

The byplay between McGarrett and Dano is exactly what is expected and the other members of the Five-0 taskforces are varied and strong. Each week we get stories that show us the strengths an weaknesses of the characters, deal with their current lives and past, and introduce us to the families, friends and enemies of each of them.

Each episode title is in Hawaiian, which gives this show the perfect touch. There is a lot to love about this show and if you are a fan of good cop shows this is one to add to your list.


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