book review: Changes by Mercedes Lackey

This is the third book in the Collegium chronicles.

As always Ms Lackey has taken use through the development of a character. In this book we learn more about the game of Kirball, which I could have done without but it is useful in the telling of the tale. OUr characters in this book are coming to the end of the schooling, so they have grown and changed. As always we get a great story arc and we learn more about a time in Valdamar’s history that was not covered before.

At the end of this particular book we still don’t know who has been trying to kidnap Mags and his friends but things in this novel are just as much fun to read. We learn how a Herald spy sets up the various personas they slip on and off with ease, we learn about how the various information networks come to be and we see how even a Herald in training finds ways to help those who need help.

I could go on and on but really the best thing to do is read the book. While others have complained about this series, saying that the writing is stale or going down hill I don’t see it. I still see interesting characters, intersting situations and different takes on the world of Valdamar.


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