book review: Closer to the Heart by Mercedes Lackey

Book two of the Herald Spy series

More of the adventures of Mags. Mags has settled into his role as Herald Spy. He as found new positions for those of his kid gang of information gathers who are outgrowing being runners, thus finding new ways to gather information. We get introduced to a new character, Tuck, who is very interesting. At first thought to be a simpleton with a gift for making things, as the story goes on we come to understand that he just thinks and communicates in a a different way. I tend to think of him as one of those on the autism spectrum who is highly intelligent but just not able to easily communicate. He slowly becomes the Q to Mags, building incredibly clever, yet technically apprioprate for the setting, devices that come in very handy.

They is someone out there stirring up trouble and making it look like Valdamar wants war with its neighbors and it is up to Mags and his cohorts to find out who and diffuse the situation before war is proclaimed. Well written, great pacing and enough of a mystery to make a more mature reader really enough this book.


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