TV show review: Lucifer

This Fox channel take on the comic is a witty and almost light take. While Lucifer Morningstar does not look like the comic book character in parts his personality is perfectly portrayed. With a sexy former actress turned cop, his eternal side kick Maize, a pychartrist and one of his winged yet unfallen brothers there is a lot going for this series. Each week we get a series of murders to be solved in which Lucifer with his unique perspective and his connections helps the detective solve.

Probably my favorite part to this series is that they managed to hold onto the key thing that Gaimen has written into this character. That being that while he was the king of Hell, he left. Not because he wanted to take over heaven. No he left because he was tired of giving the souls the hell they thought they deserved. He just wants to be left alone to enjoy his immortality and to look for something interesting. The show has just finished up its second season as of this review and I can’t wait for the third.


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