tv show review: Mom

This half hour comedy is outside of my usual wheel house of tv watching. Anyone who know me knows I really hate sitcoms but this one is a lot of fun. You have the title character living with her two children and her mother. She is a recovering alcoholic and drug user with a past as a stripper working as a waitress while trying to raise her family. Her mother is also in recovery and we later find out that her mother was put up for adoption by her own mother who had the same issues.

This show could be silly and shallow but it faces the issues of alcoholism and drug addiction straight on, Showing that it is found in all levels of society and that people are truly trying to work past their history. It honestly shows the pitfalls, the ups and downs that these people suffer through and while they sometimes fall they do rise up again.

Seeing that the main characters daughter has also become pregnant as a teen shows that these things happen in families and it is a part of life. We are treated to stories from four generations of women who have gotten pregnant young and their decisions on how to deal. There is a lot of comedy of course because life is not totally serious, even when you have to deal wit teen pregnancy, addiction, low paying jobs and the search of a stable and safe place to live.


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