TV show review: Murdoch Mysteries

This review is for the more current reboot of this Canadian series. Set at the turn of the last century this series is filled with all the murder and mysteries a fan can long for. Clean with little or no blood, this show is fine for the whole family. Set in Toronto we have a Victorian era detective who uses what is at the time cutting edge forensic techniques to solve crimes. He has the assistance of a female coroner who thanks to the times this is set in has to fight her own battle against the misconceptions that are leveled on women at the time.

A nicely integrated cast showing the difference in culture from the US to Canada. I found this show when I moved here and I can honestly say I do my best not to miss an episode. There is a lot of great story telling with lots, and I mean lots. of history tossed in. Now the history is of course from the Canadian viewpoint, which doesn’t quite match to the history I was taught in school but then that is to be expected. Another great show for the family.


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