documentary review: Becoming Bond

Now this is more a docudrama than a straight up documentary but it is a good one. This is all about the man some called the forgotten Bond, George Lazenby. One of my favorites from this long running series of movies, Mr Lazenby
narrates this little gem and we get a good idea of just how interesting he was as a man.

When he was three he went in for surgery, in total 67 as he tells it, to correct a very odd medical condition that in the end left him with half a kidney. Unlike a lot of people when it was decided by doctors that he would be unlikely to survive past the age of twelve, he aurvived and thrived. He was 78 at the time of filming.

We learn that thanks to that prediction by the doctors he decided to say what the hell and life his life on his own terms, actually stealing his uncle’s car at the age of six! He managed to go through his life on his charm and nerve. He didn’t go onto high school yet he was a sucess in every way you could think of.

Being Bond for only one movie was his idea, not the studio. He wanted a real life, not to be made to be a character all the time. As we have seen a lot of actors have to be the characters they portray even off set and even after the film comes out, especially those in large franchise type film projects.

While some of his story could just be the bragging of a man who lived through the sixtie and seventies whild times, I think that just maybe the whole thing is true.

It was a fun watch that made me smile. He lived a full life and what else can a person ask for?


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