tv movie review: Cant buy my Love

This movie from Pixl has everything you could hope for in a romantic movie. A young Paramedic is the female lead who is a driven woman who has real trouble with those who she thinks are entitled rich do nothings. The Male lea is one who she immediately lumps into the spoiled rich kid group. As the movie goes on thy come to know each other and find that there is a lot to like and maybe enough love about each other.

There is actually three couples in this movie. OUr paramedic and her rich beau, her roommate and her handsome boyfriend and the father of the rich young man and his live in caretaker.

It almost figures that the older couple figure things out well before the younger two couples who have problems that are really themselves getting in their own ways.

Of course we come to a lovely ending in this movie. It is well acted, well paced and well written. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the music. Could have been so much better with a slightly different soundtrack.


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