tv show review: NCIS New Orleans

The return to tv of one of my favorite actors, Scott Bakula was enough to drag me into watching this. Add in a spin off to the ever popular NCIS, set it in the deep south and make it well written with a strong and diverse cast and what is there to complain about? This show has one of the few actually handicapped actors on television and they don’t play up or down the fact that he is in a wheelchair. He is a strong, vibrant and important member of the team.

There is a lot of plot dealing with the past in this show as the Pride, the leader of the team, has both a father in jail and history with the current Mayor of New Orleans. This past season was all about figuring out just exactly what the mayor was dirting his hands with and proving that he was totally involved with a number of nasty crimes.

This show, like all of the NCIS shows, has deal with many heavy story lines. It is not just murder and mayhem we see but statements on human trafficking, drug crime, and of course spying. Like the other two shows in this family most of the victims are military men and women. Well to be acturate they are marines and naval personell. Only rarely do they touch on the other branches of the service.

This show is a great thanks to all the military out there and a lot of action and fun to watch.


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