TV show review: Once Upon a Time

This story is all about retelling Disney fairytales into a more modern stage. The main character, Emma Swan, is a 28 year old bail bondwoman who was abandoned as a baby, or so she thought. She turns out to be the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. Of course it takes most of the first season to realize this. She is brought to the town of Storybrooke by a boy named Henry (who turns out is her son, taken away when she was in prison)

Between breaking the curse on Storybrook in the first season to dealing with the Evil Queen, who happens to be the mayor of Storybrook you have a lot to watch in the first season alone. AS the series moved forward you end up with all kinds of backstory to both heroes and villians, lots of redemption stories and of course a ton of magic and mystery.

Going into what looks to be the last season of this very satisfying show it has been announced that most of the actors playing both heroes and past villians will not be back. I am not sure how this will effect the show but even if it ends it has had a very long run for a fantasy tv show, one that the actors, writers, producers, directors and anyone else attached to the show should be proud of. It had one spin off series that was more of a offshoot story so that they could bring in other characters from the many and varied tales that Disney has spun over the decades. A great family show.


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