TV Movie review: Dear Viola

This family movie from the Christian UP network s one of those very sweet and innocent type love stories.

A sigh and retiring accountant takes over an advice column when Viola retires. She writes straight to the point and endearing responses to the letters that come into the local paper. One letter in particular catches her attention and that of the whole town. Love lost is a man who is a widower with a young daughter trying to move on. Through a series of back and forth letters he comes to discover that she is right, that he needs to take a chance. Only problem is he takes a chance on a beautiful and shallow newcomer and not the pretty and shy woman who has been there all along.

Of course it has a happy ending and surprisingly for a movie made for a Christian network, the religious overtones are muted and do not really mess up this straight forward love story. A good movie with Kellie Martin staring as the new
Viola. Worth a watch.


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