book review: Fiery Possession

An interesting take in the romance category. With this book Ms Tanner has given us two very powerful characters. Between them you might have trouble seeing Luke and Jo coming together. The hero is arrogant, the heroine is very head strong but they are both strongly attracted to each other.

For a good part of this book I wanted to figuratively smack the two leads. They are both so wrapped up in their own self that they don’t see how they are hurting others or how they could find peace and happiness together.

It is the secondary characters that make this book shine. From the Madame Glory to the simple yet highly talented Benny, they make this story come alive with beauty and a sense of both humor and humility. Red this book and I am sure you will agree that Ms Tanner is an amazing story teller. She includes the sweeping vistas of her home country as another character and this book is well worth the read.


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