TV series review: Shooter

USA has a possible winner with this highly intense show. A highly decorated Marine sniper who has retired due to an injure is brought in to scout out how another top sniper will try to take out the president.

The first episode starts with the character in the woods looking like he is out hunting. In fact he passes up the deer and focuses on a wolf. But instead of taking the wolf out he just startles it away. When he hears a trap going off he heads toward the wolf, shooting it with a tranquilizer dart so he can remove the illegal and nasty claw trap. He deals with a couple of weekend warrior/hunter types who were using the trap to hunt. Darting them with the same trank used on the

This is important to give us a solid idea of his character. We get back story about the injury that took him out and how the shooter he was hired to give intel on was the one who shot him and killed her spotter.

Obviously things do not go according to plan and he is betrayed by one of the people he thought he was working for. The episode ends startlingly but I do believe that this is a must watch show. To see just how he will get out of the trouble that a so called agent of Homeland security set him up.


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