tv show review: Sense8

Science fiction paranormal taken in a new direction. Now if you were wondering what i was referring to how about the new show Sense8. Take eight main characters from all around the world and interconnect their stories. A cop in Chicago, a Transgender woman in San Fran, a Latin sex symbol actor who is gay, a confused young spin doctor woman from London, A lovely Indian scientist, a young black man from Africa who is trying to run a business, an Irish safe
cracker and a German that I am not sure yet what his whole story is. The interweaving of the stories are both confusing and beautiful.

In a show that is a definite science fiction show we have strong gay and transgender themes, we have more cultural themes, stories about parents expectations of their kids, gender expectations from the different cultures, social economic differences…so much more all squeezed into just two episodes i have watched so far.

One of the best parts of this is when one of the characters sees the other via a mirror or another reflection. It can come across as jarring but it is handled so well that it isn’t.

Now this show is not one for younger people. There is a LOT of sex in it. Straight and gay sex. If you don’t like seeing sex then don’t watch this one. It is not being done gratuitously. It is tasteful in that it is loving in some cases and well normal singles in others.

The themes of a government conspiracy have started in the second episode


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