Tv show review: The Night Manager

This six episode show from the BBC stars both Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie and can I say whoa! I had put off watching it for a number of reasons and now I wonder why I did. The pacing is great, the acting amazing and the writing is beyond amazing. I truly enjoyed this show. I binged the whole thing in one day..something you can only really do on the short seasons of BBC shows.

A spy thriller show where Tom is the hero, a night manager at an Egyptian Hotel during the change of government that had violence on the streets. He is very proper at first, just what we all think of when we think of managers in a British run hotel.

I could go into all the amazing twists and turns as he goes from a former soldier/night manager to a spy in deep cover but it is best to watch the evolution.

Also for fun watch Hugh’s turn as a megalomaniac right creep who pretends to be a philanthropist yet is really a world class arms dealer. Award winning performances all around in my book.


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