book review: Foundation: Book one of the Collegium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey

With a main character who starts out as a slave and then is going through the Collegium, this is definitely aimed at the younger readers BUT unlike a lot of Ms Lackey’s long term readers I enjoyed this story. Too many out there seem to expect too much out of a book. It was a fun read, especially for someone home in bed sick. No it wasn’t the greatest book of all time but I don’t expect the total dry and tastelessness of a so called “greatest work of fiction” from her. I expect a good read that for a time takes me out of the room. While she may lose points in continuity with some, after so many books I find it on one hand amusing and on the other amazing she kept it as well as she did. As a writer myself I would rather build up a writer who has talent than tear them down for piddling mistakes. If you are like me and read more books than the public library carries, enjoy the paperback and lose yourself in another tale of good over evil.


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