TV show review: The Tick

This review is just for the first episode or pilot of the new Amazon take on the character.

I was holding my breath when I clicked on this one. I had been a fan of both the animed and the live action Tick from before and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. After all a totally different actor was going to be playing our wacky hero. Thankfully Amazon paid attention. The pilot was amazing and it has been picked up to be broadcast this summer.

For those of you who have no idea who the Tick is he is yet another superhero. This one has wears a skin tight blue suit with antenna that move and he can jump amazing distances, just like those nasty little bugs do. The pilot was a perfect introduction to the new version of the Tick and of Arthur, his sidekick. The pacing was perfect with just enough backstory to understand Arthur and enough fun to understand just what the Tick is like. The only thing missing from this pilot was the Tick’s catch phrase, Spoon.


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