Movie review: Godzilla 2014

ah monster movies, you gotta love them. In this modern take on the classic monster we have him there as the alpha predator. He is after two MUTOs or giant bugs. And wow are they interesting. Fifteen years before there was a accident at a nuclear power plant in Jinjiro Japan, or so it was reported.

The head plant engineer lost his wife, on his birthday of all days, to the disaster. Most people believed the story of a melt down but he never did. When he convinces his son, a Navy Ordinance specialist to go with him back to their old home where he had research he had done about an odd series of sound waves.

Now i could go on about how they were grabbed up by the National Japanese Police and brought to the secret research base but you really need to watch this movie. I have multiple times and heck my fourteen year old daughter demanded to watch it after we had just finished watching another classic monster movie retold.

It is filled, and I mean filled, with action, explosions and of course all the mayhem that three giant monsters can cause. The most interesting part for me was the cities they chose to destroy. Instead of Tokyo, LA or New York, we saw Honolulu, Los Vegas and San Francisco. It made for a fresh take on the genre, one I enjoyed for sure.


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