Movie review: Kong, Skull Island

Okay anyone who knows me knows I love a good old fashioned monster movie. Give me giant whatevers and try not to make it too cheesy and I am happy to wile away a few hours watching.

I can honestly say this movied did not waste my time. Having both Samuel L Jackson and Tom Hiddleston (Fury and Loki reversing roles really) add in some interesting other characters and bam a fun Saturday movie for the family.

Now usually in these type of film you expect most of the supporting characters to bite it but I was surprised at just how many survived. Pleased in fact. I expect Hiddleston and the female photo journalist but not at least three others that survived.

There was a nicely mixed cast but I wouldn’t call it pandering to the current demographic. Nope the characters made sense! Set at the end of the Veitnam War instead of the usual between WW1 and ww2, this movie moved right along.

The make up was interesting, especially the camoflaged tribe people. So well blended into the background for sure. And the mix of races on the team made total sense for the time this was set in. You could have an asian woman scientist and an African American man also as a scientist fit in perfectly.

All and all this was a fun film to watch. My daughter really enjoyed watching it with me.


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