movie review: Passengers

Okay yeah took me a while to watch this one. Not sure what stopped me though. Maybe it was the so called bad reviews and low box office but most likely it was just so much to watch and not enough time.

I am going to say this is a great movie. The fact that for most of the movie you only had three actors on screen made this even more amazing to me. Science fiction with romance and a touch of old school fun with the robot bartender, this movie was worth the time to watch.

After watching it I realize that the thing that turned off the science fiction fans, at least the hardcore ones, was the romance element. It wasn’t over powering, it just added to the fun of the whole movie. Between the light comedy moments while Pratt’s character was mostly alone, to the visual effects when they were space walking or when the gravity let go, this is a seriously good film. I enjoyed it and I am glad I watched it.


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