Movie review: The Shack

I put off watching this movie for some reason, not sure why. Well watched it last night. While this film does have a lot of Christian overtones, at least for those of us not monotheistic, it was also filled with a lot of metaphors.

We are introduced to our main character, Mackenzie, a father of three children, husband, church going man. He takes his kids on a family camping trip while his wife stays home working. Things go great, with him telling his youngest Missy about the legend of this awesome waterfall. They end up at a lake and the older two kid go canoeing while the youngest stays on shore with Dad drawing. And then things start to go bad. The Older daughter stands up in the canoe and it tips over trapping her brother underneath. Dad dives in and manages to save his boy but at a high cost. When he turns back to shore his youngest has disappeared.

As you can imagine she didn’t just go swimming. It seems tragedy is a part of this man’s life. We get some interesting flashbacks and find out that he was beaten as a child and when he tried to tell their minister that his father was beating him and his mother, the dad finds out. I wont go on to tell you more though. Lets just say he had to make and made a choice that no child should have to.

The movie moves on to him recieving a note in his mailbox in a storm from Papa. I thought at first it was from his father but it seems that his wife calls God Papa. He goes up to the shack and then things get really interesting.
When a handsome young man shows up and leads him back to the shack the world changes. He comes face to face with the three faces of god.

Interesting in the metaphors, the colors and the meanings, this movie is both a feel good and a tear jerker. Dealing with the stages of guilt, despair and forgiveness, this film could have been over the top but it had enough restraint and another heart to make pretty much any watcher find something good in the film.


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