tv show review: Blooddrive

Okay a bloody good fun series here. Brought to us by Grindhouse by SyFy this is not a show for the entire family. Sex,drugs, rock and roll and a hell of a lot of blood. Definitely an end of the world film where water is rationed tightly. Gas is so pricey that people have done something both horrible and disgusting, they have converted cars to run on blood!

The Blood Drive is a road race. Cars that have been retrofitted to run on blood all compete to be the first car to cross the finish line between LA and Arizona. A handsom young police officer is forced into the race, connected by a device thrust into his neck to a sexy young woman who is racing for the money to save her sister.

This is one really wild show. There are what I take to be robots, vampire cars, wild nutjobs and other interesting horror/syfy tropes. I am not sure how long I will be watching this one but it is interestng.


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