Short Story review: Heart of the Moon by Tanith Lee from the Winter Moon Anthology

Anyone who has read Tanith Lee knows that her work can be dark and is extremely well researched ancient culture stories.

This tale starts with a warrior woman finding out that her best friend and her lover have been having an affair. In a culture very reminiscent of what ancient amazons would have been we find out just how justice is done. Battling both her male lover and her female best friend in single combat, she defeats them and exiles them. Just before they leave her once friend comes back to curse her and our story begins.

Like much of Ms Lee’s work this is a study of culture and relationships in a way that we don’t expect. Now this story for a time had me rolling my eyes with what I assumed was a commentary that the heroine should not have done but wisely I continued to read this tale.

By the end you come to understand that this tale is a woman’s path through guilt to understanding herself. A well written tale by another master of the craft.


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