TV show review: The Walking Dead

Okay everyone has at least heard of this show. Tons of blood, gore, violence and nastiness, basically everything you expect from the end of the world. While I have issue with a man in a coma waking up six months after the fall of the world as we know it the story has some awesome storytelling along with interesting characters. Hell yes there are those you just wish someone would take a bat to (gotta wince when that actually happened) but there are some small moments that make all the blood and gore worth it.

I find that I can’t continually watch this show because it starts to wear you down. The end of the world is of course one of the most popular genres right now and Zombies are right there at the top. After seven seasons though the zombies are more an after thought to the violence that man will do to man.

I have grown tired of all the dog eat dog and long to see more of people working together to make the world a better place. I know folks but you have to admit that this show NEEDS something telling you that there just might be a light at the end of a long and bloody tunnel.


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