book review: Infinity by Sherriyln Kenyon

When I first heard about Ms Kenyon doing a series about Nick I was intrigued, then I learned it was going to revise history and I was annoyed, refusing to read it for the longest time. It took my hubby picking up the first three for me to read them.

I admit now I should have trusted ms Kenyon. In the first book we get a great introduction to Nick and his sweet mother Cherise. Plus a whole cast of interesting characters that fill out the city of New Orleans in new and fun ways.

From Bubba to Mark to the school mates at the private school that Cherise works so hard to keep him in, we get an in depth look at his early life. The addtion of those new characters make the story fresh and interesting.

With a game program at the root of the craziness taking over his school, Nick learns all about the secret world around him. With a different take on zombies, Dark Hunters running around and young were hunters, this is a great start to the series.


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