TV show review: Night Shift

This show is now in its fourth season. Set in an overworked ER in Texas, it is filled with all the intense drama to be expected from a medical show. In what seems to be a running theme lately new management has come in and decided to make major changes to the hospital, starting with firing doctors who are desperately needed in the
community. Add on that the company that owns the company is has decided to close the ER and you have the beginning of another fun filled season.

This show is based around the night shift of a hospital that has a let of military vets working there. Lots of action and intense drama. I really like this show because they don’t sugar coat things. The battle between what our medical personnel knows is needed for the health and welfare of their community and what the men and women in suits with MBAs think can be cut to make the business of medicine profitable for the share holders.

While we all love to complain about the cot of healthcare, no matter where we are, we blame the wrong source. The Suits work for the shareholders and not the community. This show is very good at showing all sides of the argument along with showing just how medicine woks in a war zone and again the decisions that have to be made to save lives.


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