Novella review: Moontide by Mercedes Lackey

This novella length tale is a strong one by a master of the craft. Moontide is the first tale in the anthology, Winter Moon. A she has done for decades Ms Lackey has given us a strong character that is not quite the norm. A heroine who has been called back home from where she was fostered. Sent to foster with Countess Vrenable to learn all the womanly arts that are required by ladies of a certain class, Moira went on to become one of the Countess’ Grey ladies.

Trained in much more than any would believe Moira returns to Highclere per her father’s summons but with a mission, to discover if her father is committing treason. What she finds once she is home is a new jester and her father hosting Massid, the Khaleemate of Jendara (basically a pince of another realm)

With a deft understanding of international relations between medievel countries, Ms Lackey gives us a rich tale of loyalty, trechery, magic and love. A great read for sure.


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