book review: Nolander

An interesting new take on urban fantasy. This book started out a bit rough but caught my attention as it moved into the third chapter. Beth, a character who believes she is suffering panic attacks, picked up photography as a method to deal with her life. When she finds images showing up in her black and white film photos that she knows aren’t there, things start to happen.

With a diverse cast of characters and a lot of interesting information this book is compelling. As the novel picks up speed and depth, you find yourself immersed in this world. When Beth ends up transported to another ‘strait’ and we meet the tree-octopuses the story is just barreling along.

The only thing that held me back from giving this five stars is that the ending is quite abrupt. Another chapter would have helped this book seem complete. Nothing wrong with a cliff hanger ending but it felt like we lost a chapter at the end, instead of finishing up the tale and leaving it open for the next one.

I am looking forward to the next in this series. I picked this up as a free download.


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