TV show review: Westworld

This nwe take on the old movie is slick and shiny and filled with seemless special effects. The story is both very different and the same as the classic. A themepark with ‘robots’ who are much more than the visitors expect.

A binge worthy series and up to the excellant standard you would expect from HBO. While there is nudity in this, a lot of it, it is not at all sexy. In most cases it is when the robots are being cleaned up, reprogramed or just serviced.

The truly great part of this is the interweaving of the stories that are a part of the park. At first you can’t tell the android from humans as the first character we focus on seems to be a young man who goes to the park for the first time. It is only as the show moves along that you realize he is an android and has a part to play.

As hapens with HBO there are big names attached to this series and thankfully there will be a second series. It was truly a fun and mysterious ride and the role that is very different from the old movie is that of the Man in Black. Watch it with a bag of popcorn, a big drink and a pillow to clutch as needed. Well worth the time.


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