Anime Review: Clockwork Planet

This series is definitely a new take on the world thousands of years in the future. Earth as we know it is gone, replaced by gears and dials. Pretty much everything we think of that makes up our planet is gone, harvested, destroyed, what ever. In its place is a very interesting clockwork mechanism. This is something we are calling gear punk in my house.

The story is about the clock meisters, those who work to keep the clockwork running, the very rare Y series of clockwork androids and a boy who seems to have supernatural hearing. He can literally hear what is wrong in any of the gears within his hearing range.

When a series of earthquakes, or should we call them gear quakes, happens he can actually hear where the fault is. There is a lot of intrigue between the government, the military and the great families. With a young Meister, he cyborg body guard and the first of the Y units, our hero has to try and save the city they live in from being
purged. Being purged means sending an entire city of 20 million people down in the lifeless void at the center of the planet.

I have definitely enjoyed this series and it was first brought to my attention when my hubby got a copy of the manga. Which on its own is amazing. It makes you feel like you are watching an anime and not reading. Pick up both the anime and then manga and enjoy.


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