book review: Onio

This book is intriguing. Ms Jepsen picked a creature that is rarely used in story telling. She gave them a complete and in depth culture, with music and meaning and life. The Heroine of the piece was unusual in her own way and we do not have a clue how beautiful she is till much later in the book. The love story while a bit quick in places is lovely and understandable. Two beings who don’t fit into their own worlds fit each other completely.

The villain of the piece is both typical and unique. Many authors make the military their villain but in this case it fits and later in the book we see another side to both the villain and to the military.

I highly recommend this book to readers. If you are looking for something different, something with tension and love and even a bit of war and rage this is the way to go. While not as dark as many books out there today, it has its dark moments and it is a good read for a cold and blustery day. Curl up with this and a good cup of tea. You won’t be disappointed.


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