book review: OwlSight by Mercedes Lackey

Decided as I was taking a break from writing that I would sit back and re-read some of my favorite books.

Mercedes Lackey writes some of the very best fantasy on the market today. As a long time fan of her fiction I find myself constantly going back to her books when I run out of things to read.

This, the first book in The Darian’s Tale books could be considered a YA Fantasy novel but as a fifty year old adult I can assure you that this book is well worth the read for people of any age.

The Hero of this book is Darian, a 13 year old orphan who is placed with the village of Errold’s Grove’s mage. He is unhappy, as could be expected of a young and active boy being thrust into the life of a scholar. He is constantly being belittled, reminded that he is a burden by the village and forced to sit and learn magic when it is not something he wants to learn.

No child at this age of course wants to learn things that involving sitting still for long periods of time. Wizard Justyn is not the best teacher. He once had much more skill and power but due to the lingering effects of injuries taken during the war with Hardorn he is not even a fifth of the wizard he once was.

This story has all the hallmarks of Ms Lackey’s work. A young hero who is misunderstood and doesn’t truly understand what they are becoming. She delves into the interesting lives of those who are not Herald’s here and I found this well worth reading.

If you have young readers from ten and up, I would recommend this first book as much as her earlier works.


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