Book review: Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

Yet again Ms Harrision has given us a tale that drags you from page one to the very end. In Pale Blood we are introduced to HAPA, a group of humans who are determined to destroy all Inderlanders. In the past this human only group used terror tactics that would would understand in today’s world but it seems they have decided they need to start using magic. They have been kidnapping witches who have the Rosewood syndrome antibodies and have been doing their best to try and make their own demons.

Rachel is brought in at first to make sure it was not her causing a series of odd deaths because she is the only known day walking demon. When her reaction to the body rules her out things get more interesting.

We get more of Trent and the evolving relationship between he and Rachel. We learn more about how magic works, more about elves and more about demons. We get lots of fun information about the simple, basic humans who survived the Turn.

In all I am hoping we get more humans in the coming books and I can’t wait to dive back into this world.


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