book review: Perfection Unleashed

Genetic manipulation, clones and mutants abound in this the first book of this series. We get the full range of scum and villainy and the heartbreakingly honest and clean heroes. As I read this book I keep wanting to cry at all the horrendous things that had been done to Danyeal. The more I got into the novel the more I wanted to take Zara’s favorite option of kill the idiots.

An Alpha empath, the strongest most likely on the planet and everyone has wants, desires and needs that just don’t take into account this poor man’s need of something as simple as someone caring for him. To feel so deeply from babyhood and to have them hate him or want to use him and to feel the physical side effects of their emotions? Whoa cruel but this book was hard to put down. Read it in one afternoon and I would recommend you make sure you have time to read it in one sitting. It is powerful and definitely worth the read.


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