book review: Phone Kitten

I picked this up during a free offering to see if I would like Ms Christian’s writing style. I have to say this, this is a fun little quick read. Our heroine, Emily not Emma, is a plump girl who has dropped enough weight that the guys are seeing her as sexy, but she doesn’t see herself that way. In the real world this is very true of most of us chubby girls.

With her gay best friend, his adorable boyfriend and her hopeful hottie, this story could go easily into saccharine land, but she managed to avoid that pitfall. A light story in the murder mystery realm, I recommend it for a comfortable read on a cold and windy afternoon. Not a deep tale, but one filled with fun characters, a bit of a mystery and the hope of a steamy relationship at the end.

One of the most interesting things about this tale is that Emily, after being fired for standing up for herself at her newspaper job, ends up working as a phone sex operator. You see just how unglamorous the job is and the misconceptions people have of those in that trade. Good outing for sure.


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