book review: Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich

A fun read by Ms Evanovich. One of her novels from this series was made into a movie and I am not sure how good it was but if it was anything like this it had to be fun. In Plum Spooky we have a cast of hysterical characters and a story that mixes some paranormal with a fine mystery and procedural style of writing.

Stephanie Plum is a New Jersey girl who works as a bail bondsman. With her side kick Lula, a walking fashion disaster and the HOT Diesel, a mysterious fixer type, Stephanie is working on tracking down Martin Munch, a brilliant man who is working for the wrong man.

Filled with tons of comedy, bad guys that just have to be read to be believed, a ton of intelligent primates and a lot of heavy flirting, this is a fun and fast read. With only hints at the paranormal, this is a great introduction to the whole paranormal investigator genre. Not to be taken too seriously but well worth spending an afternoon (or longer) reading on a snowy day. I definitely plan on picking up the rest of the Stephanie Plum series. Lots of fun.


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