Movie review: Power Rangers 2017

Okay yeah took me a while to watch this but you know I am glad I did. While it is a much darker, gritty version than what my kids watched back in the ’90s it made sense. Visually this film mostly hits its marks.

Okay maybe the Goldar was not the best what with all the melting gold. Personally I think it would have been better to make that gold more solid. Rita was brilliantly adapted IMO. The Rita from the campy series was just a cardboard cutout of a character and this one was a lot more what a villain should be. She wasn’t a joke.

The mix up of the cast was actually really interesting. I liked seeing more about the families of the Rangers. In the TV show it didn’t quite make sense to me why these clean cut and wholesome kids were able to become super heroes. In the movie they are misfits. The Football hero who is fighting against what everyone wants him to be, the cheerleader with anger issues, the brilliant boy who is on the autism spectrum, the girl whose parents just cant deal with her not being their perfect little girl and of course the wild boy who has a heart of gold and is taking care of his very sick mother. Each trope hit head on to make you feel.

Now I know that the die hard fans of the American series have issues with the retconning of the characters but really they make more sense. The only place this film seemed to fail for me was the action with the Zords. You didn’t really get good solid views of the individual forms but I can understand that. They tried to make them less
cartoony and more how they should have been. The final combined form was quite elegant in fact.

So over all this is a fun popcorn film. Don’t expect perfection and give it a chance and you just might find yourself enjoying this alternate universe version of a classic show.


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